Stunning Wedding Cake Table Skirt Decorating Ideas

Weddings are special, wedding cakes are too, it takes so much joy, love and romance when you hold your lover’s hand and cut the cake together. The cake table is also important on a wedding day, as you can’t just put an expensive or specially ordered cake on an ordinary plain table. A beautifully decorated table elevates the look and style of the place and makes it special.


Glass stand and crystals:


This is a purple skirt covered table with a glass stand on top that the cake is placed on along with some scattered crystals on the table making it glitter and emit a beautiful light.

Glittering Crystal and Candle Table:

This table is another beautiful glow in the dark where the cake stand is studded with crystals in neat rows and beautifully lit candles arranged in a circle making it shine in the dark or especially bright at evening parties. The white icing on the cake with silver rims makes it look stunning.

Cream Skirt and Floral Top:

A beautiful cream table skirt with beautiful fresh purple, pink and cream flowers in full bloom is placed on the table below the glass top on which the cake can be placed. The purple flowers running down the cake along with the purple ribbon add charm and elegance.

Rosette Table Skirt With White Flowers:

This is an all white table arrangement with an attractive and pretty satin white rosette table skirt along with white flowers arranged on the table with a matching white wedding cake with white bows in it. The white curtains hanging from above and the black background add beauty to the whole view.

Black Ruffled Cake Table Skirt:

A romantic table skirt with ruffles in black mesh and a bright cherry red rosette-like waist belt glamorously adorning the table adds a romantic flair to the entire room. You can choose this type of table centerpieces to match bright red or black wedding dresses to look sexy and glamor in pictures.

Pink Shimmer:

Check out this gorgeous pink shimmering table skirt with only candles on it along with the cake in the center making it look sexy, bright, gorgeous and romantic. The shimmering material goes perfectly with the night party lights where the radiance of the light makes the shimmer much more shimmery.

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