Pretty DIY four poster beds ideas for your inspiration

DIY four poster beds are one of the most beautiful types of bed decor that can bring a new level of beauty and elegance to your bedroom. You can make these four poster beds at home using simple products that are readily available at home. Below are some of the beautiful examples of DIY four poster beds.

Modern four poster bed

modern and stylish canopy bed
modern and stylish canopy bed

Royally inspired four poster bed

This beautiful blue canopy bed with a sheer white sheet hanging loosely from the ceiling and pinned to the four corners of the bed can be customized to your liking. The loosely draped white cloth can also be decorated with ribbons or jewelry. You can also change the color of the cloth as often as you like.


Bohemian DIY four poster bed

Check out this colorful canopy bed model, isn’t it so easy to make and looks pretty too? Just buy a ring and hang it from the ceiling and sew the two tone cloth or just a single shade like a screen around the ring and let them flow loosely down to the bed. This canopy model is decorated with colorful beads throughout, making it more decorative and innovative.

You can create this bohemian inspired four poster bed with just a few materials, this amazing bed canopy is very easy to replicate.


Items needed:

+two 84 inch curtain panels

+embroidery hoop

+wooden beads

+ hemp cord


Start by cutting each panel down the center, then hem the raw edges. Next, thread the tops of the panels through the embroidery hoop. After this step, thread wooden beads into a pattern of your choice, tie to the embroidery hoop, done! As simple as that!


This is a Moroccan style four poster bed, with a circular part hanging from the ceiling and then you can just hang it down at the head side, using nice dark colors with zari work and making a kind of hanging on the circular part Beautiful Moroccan four poster bed .

Fantasy inspired DIY four poster bed

Here are a few more different bohemian four-poster beds for your inspiration:

Fantasy style four poster bed
Fantasy style four poster bed

Romantic noble four-poster bed

Noble romantic four-poster bed idea
Noble romantic four-poster bed idea

One of the simplest models of four poster beds is this one, by simply using a bamboo pole hanging from the ceiling with the help of a strong rope and then draping a favorite cloth over it, the headboard is simply left loose so that it covers the entire region and the footboard is divided into two and attached to both ends of the bed.


Canopy Headboard

This is a canopy headboard model that can be made very easily, once you have finished the one attached to the headboard, just make it yourself out of plywood and then add the cloth in and then tie it to either side of the bed, this will be a make beautiful headboard with canopy.

Four-poster bed for children

Wouldn’t kids love a four poster bed for themselves? Why not try this easy one for your kid or you can teach him to do it yourself as it is very easy. Just a pole in the middle and a whole piece of fabric that is hung freely on both sides of the bed like a nice tent. You can also use nice cartoons or nice colorful pictures printed on the cloth.

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