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Do you have space problems in the children’s room? If yes, then you should read this article now. We give you ideas on how to save space without sacrificing the artistic value of this special bedroom in the design. Here are some photos that will surely inspire you.


First, you can use this wall space to create a storage area for all your child’s belongings. Whether it’s toys or some sort of collection, your child will surely enjoy seeing their favorite things on the walls. It can also solve your space problem for sure.



Source: Diva Concept Sinc

You can also choose to extend your children’s bedroom onto the terrace. This gives it more space without sacrificing privacy due to the glass door and window protection as you can see in the picture.


Source: Decor Interiors

In this particular image, you can see that that bunk by the window has also been converted into a makeshift bed that will end up accommodating more friends and creating an extra area to play. It’s definitely one of the best ideas I’ve seen so far.


Source: Robeson Design

If you don’t have enough space, instead of designing it horizontally, arrange the furniture so that it can be lined up vertically to save space. This definitely adds to the uniqueness of your design. It can also give you more space for display and storage.


Source: Koray Yavuzer

In this particular bedroom, you can see that furniture has been sacrificed for extra play space for the child. In addition, the owner decided to use a long bunk to extend this space. In terms of design and function for a child’s room, it is definitely worth considering.


Source: Imagine Living

This next image also uses the same idea as the previous one. But the colors are very vivid and bright! It gives the resident enough space for various activities in the room without compromising the aesthetics. What a great design to try! You should definitely try sooner rather than later.


Source: Duane Kaschak

If you like the eclectic style, this particular color scheme for the children’s room will surely suit you. It’s definitely something worth investigating in terms of both function and aesthetic value. You won’t regret using this for your own kids room in the future.


Source: Benning Design

Bedroom with 2 beds or bunk beds


If you have multiple children, then these ideas are for you!


Girls’ and boys’ rooms with bunk beds


These are just some of the designs that you can work with when it comes to creating a suitable space for your child. It will definitely bring out its own personality and ideas in the future when it has its own space to flourish in. You should give him a chance. I’m sure you won’t regret doing this for both your kids and yourself.

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