Interesting ideas for DIY room dividers

DIY room designers make a big impact in any living room. In this article, you will find several easy-to-make room dividers that not only divide space but also provide aesthetic value. Other constructions may require the help of a carpenter. However, you can do most of it yourself.

Satin curtain used to divide space

Simple do-it-yourself room divider made of wooden panels

You can create a DIY vinyl room divider. However, using the bare LPs may seem a bit childish to some. It’s best to cover the records. You can use colored papers or other types of decorative paper. The result is incredibly retro and chic at the same time.

Closet with curtain combination DIY room divider

Map used to design a room divider

Another DIY room divider idea is one that doesn’t hang from the ceiling. It’s known as a coat rack, which is an amazing idea. Using fabric is a good idea to create a beautiful pattern but is similar to other spectacular room dividers.

Reed DIY room divider

Room divider made from old vinyl LPs


Aside from using branches as a DIY room divider, you can also use branches that are slimmer. You can buy this type of room divider at home furniture stores, but you can also make it yourself. Gather branches from your garden, you can either paint them or leave them in their original color, use wood as a base.

Window frames arranged to create a DIY room divider


Tall DIY room dividers

Movable room divider
Sliding walnut panels with reed glass inserts enclose the sleeping area.

A great DIY plank room divider can be made using power tools. You can ask your husband or friends for help to do the work. This room divider not only looks fun but also can divide the area nicely.

Old closet doors joined together to create a room divider

Custom made room divider

Another great example of a custom made sliding room divider.

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