Interesting candle decor ideas

The Christmas season is definitely a time when you want to decorate your house as much as possible. If you have a lot of candles lying around the house, you’re in luck, because this article gives some tips on how to use candles as decoration not only for the Christmas look all year round. After reading this article, you will learn a lot about how to use candle decor.

The perfect decor

As you can see, this is one of the prettiest candle decorating ideas you can ever find online. You will definitely enjoy having dinner when you see this special candle on your dining table. It brings out the best in people because it reminds them of Christmas.


Beautiful candlestick

This is one of the many candle decorating ideas that you can use for your own home. It will definitely make your table look more elegant in the long run.

DIY Christmas candle holders made from wine glass

Creative DIY candle holders

The core

Another candle decoration idea would be to use the candles as a centerpiece in the center of the table surrounded by small fruits just like in this picture.

DIY candle holder from natural wood

The menorah of nature


This candlestick made of small branches evokes the menorah, which is something very sacred. Because of this, it is a great candle decoration idea for the dining table.

DIY scented candle

The use of scented candles has been one of the many trends that have never gone out of style over the years. why don’t you try You will certainly not regret the decision.



If you want something different for your candle decor around the house, why not put it in lamps like these. It will be such an artistic idea for your family home.


The beauty of the concrete candlestick

These special candle holders would look even more fascinating on the mantel if you paint it with different colors. After that, it will be the perfect decoration for your fireplace in the future. Here is a guide on how to make a DIY concrete candle holder.

Personalized candle decor

This is a great idea to use for your candles at home. You’ll never lose candles or candle holders again. source and guidance

DIY flower pot candle

These candle holders definitely add to the already beautiful ambiance created by the flickering lights of the creative flower pot candles. An amazing candle decor idea indeed.

The perfect centerpiece with a twist


Another variation of the centerpiece. This time the fruit is accompanied by cracks and other ornaments around it. This is truly the most creative candle decor idea you can ever find online.

vintage atmosphere

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