How to make mismatched furniture for your home

Decorating your home is no joke, and it’s not that easy for mismatched furniture to work for your home! It’s expensive and it takes a lot of good, hard thinking because you’re really sticking with what you’re buying for a long time. One of the things that makes furnishing your home really expensive is buying furniture in sets. However, if you are on a budget, I can give you a tip to buy one piece of furniture at a time instead.


Yes, you will have mismatched furniture and it will seem strange at first, but I can assure you that your mismatched furniture will work with these tips.

1 ) Find common ground between all your furniture – just because dissimilar furniture is all the rage these days doesn’t mean you can easily mix and match what you like or what comes to mind. You want your space to look like a modern, chic home, not an abandoned furniture warehouse. Your mismatched furniture must have something in common, such as: B. a theme, era they are from, pattern, print or whatever you would like them to have common ground. So they all harmonize well with each other.

For example, an artful urban chic interior design:


Or a modern chic black and white interior


Or a Boho Jungalow style


A great tip: If you’re on a budget and can’t replace grandparents’ furniture, then just add lots of plants, it will hide old stuff and make your place look like a bohemian chic jungle! Bananas and Monstera work best!


2) Choose your colors wisely – Another trick to making mismatched furniture work is to choose your colors wisely when mixing and matching. Make sure they are all in the same color family. They don’t have to be exactly the same shade. In fact, having mismatched furniture in different shades works really well. Otherwise, you have them all in complementary colors.

3) Limit your color palette to three – Yes, they don’t all have to be color matched, but if you use different colors for your mismatched furniture, limit the color choices to three: 2 complementary colors and one neutral to anchor them. White is a great neutral anchor color when you want a brighter and better-lit home, while darker tones like black, gray, and navy are good when you want to create a more edgy overall look in your home.

4) Keep it minimal – There is beauty in madness, they say, but too much madness can drive one insane. If you’re making mismatched furniture, keep it minimal. Choose a room where you can display your mismatched furniture and keep it there. When furnishing a large room, choose between different large or small pieces of furniture. Remember, you’re aiming for a sophisticated look, not a crazy one.

Modern interior with mismatched furniture accents
Modern interior with mismatched furniture accents
Minimalist bohemian decor with large vintage mirror, crystal chandelier and ethnic poufs
Minimalist bohemian decor with large vintage mirror, crystal chandelier and ethnic poufs
Spanish Mediterranean guest house Living room with mismatched furniture, concrete floor, wood and area rugs
Spanish Mediterranean guest house living room with mismatched chairs, concrete floor, wood and area rugs

Are you ready to wear mismatched furniture in your home? Take these tips to heart and let us know what happens by commenting below.

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