Combining the living room and bathroom designs: Unifying the household

Have you ever tried to combine living room and bathroom design styles for your home? If the answer is not yet, then this is the article for you. We will try to give you some tips on how to combine your living room and bathroom design and turn it into a unified space that will definitely add modern sophistication to your household. Here are some examples as follows:

First of all, it is important that you are able to choose the right color scheme for your bathroom. If you want to make it look like a living room, choose warm and welcoming colors. You can also concentrate on the design of the bathroom furnishings. Make the tub your focal point instead of the sofa.


Antique furniture in the modern bathroom

Vintage furniture in the bathroom of a modern farmhouse
Vintage chic bathroom with old drawer
Beautiful bathroom with hanging plants and vintage chair

In addition, putting some chairs in the bathroom can definitely bring the design and ambiance of the living room to this special space. Try it out as soon as possible.

Natural light


As far as lighting goes, using natural light for the bathroom can definitely bring a warm and welcoming feeling similar to that of the living room. Just like in the living room, the stone division can evenly divide the space.

Speaking of lighting, you can also experiment with bathroom lighting fixtures to create a living room atmosphere. Here is a wooden chandelier that will definitely add character to the bathroom.


Here is another twist on the chandelier in the bathroom along with some fresh flowers to liven up the space. Don’t hesitate to do the same for your bathroom and living room.


Pendant lights can work for the bathroom as well as for the bedroom. You should definitely use it if you want dramatic lighting for that particular room in the house.


Hanging plants in the boho bathroom

Bringing nature into your bathroom design can definitely give you what you desire in terms of wonderful bohemian bathroom accents. This particular design certainly reminds me of a gorgeous boho-chic living room arrangement.



You can also display artwork on the bathroom wall like you would in the living room. This will definitely add elegance and beauty to the bathroom to match the whole house for sure.


In addition, you can also opt for eclectic designs on the walls of your bathroom, just like this one. Using different patterns on your bathroom wallpaper can definitely bring the comfort of the living room into this intimate space.


As a last option, you can also use dark walls with bathroom art prints to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere inside and make your bathroom look like an art gallery!

Gallery wall in a bathroom

You should definitely do this for your own washroom in the near future. I’m sure you won’t regret doing this.

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