Coffee Table Decoration Ideas – Living Room Styling

Coffee tables are an obligatory and one of the most seen furniture in almost every living room and you can make the coffee table in your living room look very different from the usual ones by giving it an extra touch of artistic ideas that further enhances its beauty and looks . Listed below are some of the ideas that will help you make the usual coffee table look unique.


Bonsai table:

If you have a glass-topped table, cut off the middle or corner top of the table and put a pot in it to plant a bonsai in. Make the living room look green and fresh by bringing bonsai to the coffee table.


citrus decor:

Just spray paint the old pallet coffee table in plain white color and you can also paint the basket in matching color or buy a plain white basket and put some citrus fruits in it and put them on the table, that will make the table look fresh and fresh make it look smell great too.


Table decoration made of concrete:

If you have a concrete table in your home, further adorn the table with concrete ornaments like concrete pebbles or stones, concrete candelabras and other simple concrete items that you can think of that make the coffee table look better.


Cork table decoration:

Simple glass topped tables can be decorated like this, where you can decorate the base with wine corks that you have collected as collectibles over time, or other collectibles like badges and pins that also look just as good.


Pallet Planter:

Pallet coffee tables can be decorated with small pallet planters that will make the table look fresh and green and you can use herbs for this purpose that not only decorate the table but can also be used for cooking.


Simple stack of books:

This is a very simple decor where you can just place your book collection over the coffee table to present your collection to your guests as a sample where they can also enjoy a few pages while they wait or a few magazines instead of other books who make the coffee table looks presentable.


Stacked tray:

This is a simple stacked tray with some fresh flowers, books, a cup of sticky notes and other essentials to put on the tray.


Decor for concert tickets:

Put all the concert and playing cards under the glass top as a reminder to make it look decorative and colorful as well.


Vase and votive decor:

This is one of the simplest decorations, all you need is a vase of simple fresh flowers and votive candles to place on the coffee table to make your special day look and feel great.

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