Beautiful DIY fabric headboard ideas

Diy fabric headboards are very attractive and can make your simple bed and bedroom look more beautiful and grand. You can make this type of headboard yourself at home to decorate your bed with the color and design of your choice. The advantage of using this type of fabric headboard is that you can change the color of the fabric according to the theme of the room. They are inexpensive, look beautiful and are interesting to make.

Do-it-yourself fabric headboard

This is a gorgeous gray headboard that is very easy to make if you have a grill curtain holder. The metal trellis is installed over the bed and the curtain of any color can be hung over it to create a very simple and beautiful headboard design. The curtain can be changed many times depending on the color of your bedspread and the theme of the room.

Beautiful fabric headboard and wall art combined

Four poster bed with white curtain headboard and wall art

This DIY canopy headboard is another attractive and very easy to make headboard design that can decorate your bedroom. Two simple strips of fabric are attached to the walls in the four corners and the headboard is decorated by hanging photo frames on the fabric. The pattern shown in the picture is made of a plain white fabric, and you can also use bright colors and those with attractive floral designs to add color to the room.

Curtain headboard with blank picture frame

Kids always love something simple and cute, and this is one of those lovely examples of a fabric canopy headboard. The cute pink flower-like mesh headboard looks more like the ones from fairy tales. You can hang this flower from the ceiling and make it look like a pretty headboard. Using this as an example, you can also make similar types of headboards like butterflies, bugs, etc. using colorful mesh materials.


Curtains also make a beautiful headboard design for simple bed frames. This is a very different type of curtain with words printed on it to be hung behind the bed.


You can choose any of these innovative curtains to make your room look completely different.


Some of the different ideas contain inspirational phrases; Wall art, mirrors, fairy lights, book covers such as curtains, posters of famous places or people, etc. can make a beautiful curtain headboard.

Headboard with red curtain and mirror in the middle


This is a yellow floral headboard that is simply sewn to the shape of the wooden headboard and draped over. You can make this kind of fabric covers for your bed and combine them with your bedspread and curtains to make them look unique and very different.

Do-it-yourself stylish gray fabric headboard is here for the tutorial


DIY ruffle fabric headboard that you can sew up quickly see my tutorial here

Mustard Yellow DIY Upholstered Headboard, see the full tutorial here
DIY tufted headboard, here is a tutorial


This is a very stylish traditional headboard that looks really expensive and classy. Check out the tutorial here

You need to build a canopy wooden frame so I’d say it’s a bit complex but the result is totally worth it!


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