Affordable and easy to do centerpiece ideas to brighten up your living room

The main purpose of having a centerpiece in your living room is to enhance the area. It could be something for a Christmas party or for a special dinner. Here are some centerpiece ideas that can help you decorate your room. You don’t have to spend a lot to create a beautiful centerpiece. All you need is to use your imagination and artistic skills.

A simple centerpiece idea


Collection of different types of flowers

Instead of buying a new vase to make a centerpiece, you can use old jars as a vase. Using the old jars you kept, gather some fresh flowers in your garden and group them by color to create a beautiful, organic and simple display. You can pair either blue and green hydrangeas with some green apples to create a pretty floral and fruit centerpiece.

A classy centerpiece idea

Pumpkins and their Vine Centerpiece idea

If you want to create a sculptural bud vase, you only need a single flower stem per vase. This centerpiece idea is very easy to make and it doesn’t cost that much. There are some flower arranging rules and you should know these things.

Carnation centerpiece with lemon slices

Wine glass with a beautiful selection of flowers as a center piece

If you are a candy lover, you can use candy to create a centerpiece. Collect sweets with an interesting design that will complement your dining room decor. You can look at some candy shops and choose the one that suits your table.

Glass beads, orchids and floating candles in a centerpiece idea

A simple stylish centerpiece idea

Candlestick centerpieces remain the most popular centerpiece design. To create an architectural focal point, you can use candlesticks of different heights. In the fall, you can use pumpkin as a centerpiece. Design your pumpkin based on the dining room decor.

Selection of stones with candle and rose center piece

Pumpkin as a vase with well-arranged flowers

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