20 ideas how to decorate high walls

If you have a large room with high walls and high ceilings, this article can help you understand how to better decorate it in the future. Hopefully we can give you some tips on what you can do to beautify your bare walls, no matter how tall they are.

First of all, you have to think about the size. This is an important factor that can affect the overall design of your room. You should think about how the size of the renovation compares to the length of your wall. In this respect, smaller decorations do not fit on a large wall. Huge paintings usually do the trick.

Bold chandeliers and grand decorations

Colorful living room with high walls and chandelier


If you have a high ceiling, you can place chandeliers and other large decorations on it. Again, this is a classic example of maximizing available space.



Decorate with Art – Create a gallery wall

A single small piece of art won’t work for large walls, but if you group them all together it will just be a great idea.

Gallery walls and oversized art are the most common. Possibility to decorate high walls


Mix and match different textures and styles

Use different materials, textures, moldings, milling work and colors to create a less plain look. You can also mix furnishing styles, for example classic and modern, just like in a picture below.


Framing your wallpaper with moldings will add spice to a bare wall. Look at this picture.


You can also use the wide bar to create wall patterns like this one. It will maximize space and leave nothing unused.


High shelves

You can also set up floating shelves that stretch from one room to another. It offers plenty of storage space for your various belongings.


Instead of putting figurines on your shelves, why not hang your artwork there as a substitute? It will surely be something different.


A different kind of design for tall bookshelves. It will definitely give you something to look forward to when you walk past your living room in the future.


Using tall furniture can also maximize the size of the room. Don’t be afraid to use the space to your advantage.



Using a variety of mirrors can also add a unique appeal to your tall walls.

Noble high wall decoration with mirrors and a crystal chandelier
High wall decoration with mirrors and artwork


Forming / milling work

A combination of moldings and mirrors can definitely give the wall a new look.


You can also use the bar as a standalone design bar. It’s certainly a departure from the usual wall designs we’re familiar with.

color blocking

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Using different colors on the walls can definitely make the difference in the design. A color change can certainly add a cozier feel to the room.


Using light and dark colors can also reduce the length of your wall. If you want your wall to appear shorter than it really is, you definitely need different shades.


Color blocking creates a bold statement but also highlights special features of your home and instantly livens up a dull space without the need for wall hangings.

I hope you find these high wall decorating ideas useful and if so, which one do you like best?

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