18 ideas to freshen up small balconies

If you live in an apartment with a small balcony and often wonder what to do with the small space then this blog will give you some of the refreshing ideas that will brighten your mind and your balcony. You can make many beautiful transformations with your small balcony and bring a whole range of changes to the exterior of your home.

balcony climber:

Plants are one of the most important ways to freshen up the place and you can decorate your balcony with climbing plants that make it look very beautiful. Set a nice curved path for the climbers and they will follow the route to keep your balcony looking fresh and green.

balcony garden:


This is a balcony-only garden with no seating, and you can grow herbs, flowers, crotons and other small plants on your balcony. You can also use ladders, shutters, or strips of wood on the walls to add extra plants to the balcony space.

Cozy swing:

Small balcony swing idea


Check out this cozy balcony with a nice swing and a pillow left on the floor. Although the balcony remains simple with plenty of uncovered space, it still looks stylish and relaxing.

Vertical garden and herb buckets:

Small balcony garden grill design
Vertical garden on the balcony
Small balcony with wooden vertical garden design

Hang small buckets of herbs on the walls and place chairs and rugs on your balcony to make it look simple and elegant (if you have a little more space). This will make your balcony cozy for an evening cup of coffee.

Don’t forget about privacy, the best idea can be to plant some big plants just like the picture below:

High potted plants on the balcony – idea for privacy protection

Hanging lamps and candles:

Small balcony cozy interior with candles and lights

Decorate the balcony with hanging lights and candles in them. This will look different and also make your balcony look bright. Instead of lanterns, candles and lamps, you can also use pendant lights or fairy lights.


Hanging lamps and candles make your balcony look super cozy in the evenings and give it a bohemian flair.

Hanging plants and swing:

Check out this incredibly beautiful balcony with hanging plants and a double swing. This is one of the beautiful balconies to design at home, both stylish and refreshing with a mini garden.

Ideas for small balcony seating:

Cozy little balcony DIY pallet wood location with cushions and hanging plants
Stylish balcony all around comfortable seating with cushions

Balcony canopy ideas

A stylish balcony cover blocks the sun and can completely transform the aesthetic of your small balcony, turning it into a space you actually want to spend more time in.

Balcony with mobile parasol and furniture

Use a parasol or parasols on the balcony, along with some chairs, cushions and a coffee table, so that it is relaxing to sit outside even during the day and give the balcony a modern look.

Small balcony with parasol, table and chairs and barbecue

Small balcony decorated with pebbles/beach rocks

Mini balcony decorated with river rocks
Mini balcony decorated with river rocks

Hammock with tassels:

small balcony idea with tassel hammock
Cozy balcony with hammock.  Bohemian decor
Cozy balcony with hammock. Bohemian decor
Small balcony hammock idea

If you thought hammocks were only for outdoors, then maybe it’s time to change your mind and get one on your balcony. Enjoy relaxation while casually swinging in the hammock at your home.

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