12 barn wedding decor ideas – how to style it

Simple barn weddings seem to be growing in popularity as they not only save so much money but also make them look unique and interesting. The decorations can all be made easily and you can also use DIY decorating ideas to make this barn wedding look fabulous.


There are several ways you can cut costs during a lavish wedding, and a barn wedding is, by and large, a big-level cost-cutting. Check out the ideas below for a glimpse of all the simple things you can do to make your wedding day one of the most memorable.


Cake display:

Check out this unique and interesting cake display that uses logs from your backyard. Cut in descending size slices to give the cake display a unique look and perfect for a barn wedding.

Flag and LED Ceiling Decor:

Make simple fabric or even paper flags that can help you decorate the ceiling and these flags can be attached to a long piece of string or yarn tied at the ends and secure the flags with the help of a clothespin on the threads. This is easier to make as you can use old t-shirts, denim materials or even colorful papers to make these flags.


Rustic chic barn wedding decoration
Beautiful rustic barn decoration for a wedding

Cupcake Ladder:


Use an old ladder to display the cupcakes on a tambour door or window placed on each of the rungs. You can also use this ladder shelf to display gifts, place cards or even farewell stuff.

Curtains and Lantern:


A simple barn can be transformed into an elegant barn with the use of curtains and lanterns to add charm and grandeur to the place and spread the spirit of festivals and celebrations.

Entrance curtains:


In general, choose a plain color or decorate the entrance with a colorful curtain that matches the theme of the wedding to make it look beautiful. This will make the entrance look inviting and charming.

Idea for the photo box:


No event is complete without photos, and people love to click on photos in events as such, which they can instantly upload to their public profiles and keep safe as a memento.


Create a unique photo booth for your guests as they will love and enjoy clicking a picture in such a place.

Seating arrangement:


Neat arrangements are made outside the barn with simple wooden chairs and tables covered with clean tablecloths for guests to be comfortable eating and drinking after the merrymaking.

Submit idea:


Light up the barn with beautiful fireworks as the couples walk straight and make sure you don’t set the place on fire by carelessly throwing away the sparklers. Set out buckets of water or other safety measures to safely get rid of the sparklers.

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